Tips To Help You Take Good Care of Your Inflatable SUP Board

Inflatable SUP boards have become quite popular because of the convenience they offer when traveling and their durability. Their ease of carrying means that you can put them onto any water you come across. However, for your board to last longer, you must ensure you take good care of it and prevent any damages. Here are a few tips for taking care of your Honu iSUP board.

Avoid Dragging the Board

Although this may sound obvious, especially when the stand up paddleboard has handles that allow you to carry your board with ease, you should never drag your iSUP board. If you drag the board over any surface containing rocks, sand, debris, or gravel, your board will end up with minor cuts. However, if you continue dragging your already damaged board instead of carrying it, the damage will build up and this will result in a crack or tear.

Always Clean the Board After Use

Inflatable boards usually dry very quickly, however, any mud or sand on its surface will stay on. Therefore, it is recommended to give your board quick cleaning or wipe it down using an old towel after a paddling session. This will help to remove excess water on your board before you store it in the carry bag. When you get home, you should give your sup paddle board a good rinse, particularly if you have been paddling in salty water. If the board is extremely dirty, you can use washing liquid and a soft brush to clean it off.

Never Drop Your Board

Standup paddle boards can be quite heavy and it can be quite tiring, especially if you have to carry them for long distances to the water. However, when you want to rest or switch your arms, you should be cautious when putting the board down. Dropping the inflatable sup paddle board on a rough or hard surface can result in cracks and this can cause water leaking into your board.

Never Store Your Board Outside

An inflatable stand up paddleboard can be easily deflated and this means that it will not take up much space when storing it when compared to hard or inflated boards. Ensure that you get yourself a quality carry bag that will offer extra protection. You should also keep the Honu paddleboards indoors in a dry and cool place that is away from direct sunlight. Leaving the board out in the sun, wind, or rain will cause all kinds of damage that cannot be easily spotted by the naked eye.

Take Care of Your Fins

The fins can easily be replaced, however, this does not come cheap and it can be quite frustrating to do that. When the iSUP board is not being used ensure that you remove the fin and when the board is inflated, you should leave the fin side looking upwards and away from the ground or wall that the board is resting against. Furthermore, when your board is in water, make sure the water is deep enough to ensure that the fin does not hit the bottom.

Inflatable SUP boards from Honu can also get dings and it is advisable that you deal with them as early as possible. This is because dings can cause cracks, leaking, and will reduce buoyancy of the board. Always consult professionals who repair SUP boards to ensure that your board is fit for paddling again. When you follow these guidelines, you can keep your board from https://honu.com.au/ in perfect condition at all times and ensure that it lasts longer.