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The Difference Between Pine and Oak Furniture

Pine and oak are two different varieties of wood that are at times used to make furniture such as bedroom furniture, bookcases, bunk beds, coffee tables, dining tables, cupboards, etc. To identify such furniture, there are a few differences that we have bought into the limelight.

First and foremost, pine belongs to the softwood category, while oak is solid hardwood. These terms do not refer to the density of these wood varieties but rather the type of tree the wood derives from. Hence, this explains why oak furniture ismore wear-resistant while pine is moderately heavy compared to oak and considerably lighter. Pine also can resist shock due to its stiffness.

Pine has a faster growth rate than oak, which is the main reason that affects the cost of wood and its furniture. Oakwood is considered to be more expensive mainly because people tend to spend large amounts of time caring for the trees. Pine, on the other hand, grows faster hence the lower price.

Because pine furniture is often much more economical than oak pieces, if you’re on a tight budget and need to judge on price, pine furniture is an attractive option.

The oak wood is generally reddish in colour, and this is the reason why oak furniture usually comes in darker colour schemes. Pine on the other hand is more of a creamy white colour. Some pine wood varieties tend to be more yellowish than usual colour while some are quite white in colour.

Pine furniture makers usually finish off pinewood mainly with varnish to maintain its natural clean white colour scheme. Oakwood is usually stained for it to maintain as well as enhance its dark colour combination. However, both wood varieties have a good finishing quality for furniture.

Pinewood is used to make more modern furniture types that are pretty light in weight compared to oak and other hardwoods. Mass furniture production stores such as IKEA primarily sell pine furniture. You can purchase all types of pine furniture such as cupboards, beds, chairs, tables, bookcases, etc., online and in stores.

Pine is a straightforward wood to stain to attain your desired colour. This gives you a broad mixture of finish options. You can stick with the natural colour by picking a clear coat. Pine takes diverse finishes well, so you get great results no matter what finish you prefer.

Oak is usually used to manufacture traditional as well as rustic oak furniture. The main reason for doing so is its unique colour pattern. Since oak wood is more wear-resistant and stronger, it can also be used as a type of material for flooring and shipbuilding.

Quality oak furniture is made to last. An oak table and chairs that are well maintained will last long enough to be handed down to the next generation and even the generation after that. For endurance, there is no better choice than oak. Its sturdy qualities will withstand the usual daily stresses and strains of furniture use and still be of use for many decades to come.