Selecting & Buying Loose Gemstones: A Perfect Personalized Present

For special occasions, like anniversaries and birthdays, personalized jewelry is a very thoughtful gift. You can surprise your loved one with customized jewelry made with loose gemstones. You can select the desired gemstones at Gemrize and choose a design to create perfect one-of-a-kind jewelry. The fact that no one else owns a similar piece can make the gift even more meaningful and special.  

Why choose a loose gemstone for jewelry? 

Here’s why gemstone jewelry is a perfect present for your partner:


  • He/she may select a design that fits their style and taste. 
  • It is a very meaningful gift that your partner would cherish for life. Moreover, it’s very creative. 
  • A loose gemstone is easier to create in any jewelry design.
  • You may choose any desired setting. 
  • It can become a family heirloom.
  • You can be part of the designing process from start to finish. 

How to pick a loose gemstone

  1. Consider the recipient’s taste and lifestyle while choosing the gem:

When your loved one is always working and often travels a lot, choose a gemstone that’s hard to accompany his/her everyday activities. A diamond and sapphire are renowned for their toughness. Plus, they don’t break very easily and stand up to everyday wear. 

  1. Understand what a gemstone symbolizes:

The precious stones are associated with specific virtues for ages. For instance, a citrine is known to offer optimism, power, and self-discipline to the wearer. Moreover, aquamarine is known to improve better communication. 

  1. Designing an engagement ring:

It is a great idea if your partner wants to upgrade his/her ring. A new gemstone may add a pop of color to the original style of their ring. While some may like a simple design, others may prefer a dramatic upgrade to the metal color and design. 

  1. Choose a birthstone that matters:

The birthstones are available in various colors and shades. Besides giving them a gemstone to represent their birth month, you can choose any significant date. We suggest that if you meet in December, go for a turquoise gemstone. Likewise, there are various other meaningful ways to pick your favorite gemstone. 

  1. Match recipient’s interests 

What is your partner’s favorite color? Will he/she be interested in a pop of color in the unusual or opal inclusions in a gemstone? Or do you want to match the gem with their eyes? There are endless ways to match the recipient’s interests and tastes. You may find a match that meets their requirements. 

Create Bespoke Jewelry With Gemrize

You may opt for a generic gift item but pick something easy to customize as per your partner’s personality. Whether your partner wants a necklace, ring, or bracelet, a loose gemstone is perfect for designing bespoke jewelry

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