Periodontal Issues and Plasmolifting Procedure

Plasmolifting is the best solution for skin tightening, and also the high-quality rejuvenation of the skin. Many other issues of skin such as acne, skin imperfections, post-acne conditions, and so on will be treated with the help of plasmolifting.

PRP tubes, also known as centrifugation tubes for isolating plasma-rich platelets, are the main requirement for the PRP treatment. You can find the best quality tubes by visiting Dr. RenatAkhmenrov’sPlasmolifting Technologies. They guarantee top-class products for affordable prices on their webpage.

Working Mechanism

The purified plasma that is extracted from the patient’s blood will be extracted from the centrifugation tubes and are loaded into the injections. This injection is then inserted into some of the body parts such as the decollete, face, and neck areas. They will start their work of rectifying the damaged cells that are found in such areas, once they get to the site.

The plasma that is injected into the facial layers of a person will trigger the cell metabolism process from inside. The regeneration and restoration work will commence in such regions and the new cells will be formed as soon as the cell metabolism process starts. Studies have shown that the process of plasmolifting will rejuvenate the dull and damaged skin from the inside, which in turn makes your skin look supple and elastic from the outside.

Plasmolifting and Periodontal treatments

Some of the dental issues such as tooth mobility problems, bad breath, gum disease, and bleeding require extensive care for the treatments. The prolonged issue can not only damage the dental health of a person, but will also destroy their life quality. Such conditions can be taken care of with the help of the plasmolifting procedure.

Blood plasma is rich in many supplements such as hormones, protein, nutrients, and electrolytes. Hence, they work as the best solution for treating many dental illnesses. When injected, the plasma-rich platelets will not only work on handling the dental damage from the inside, but will also make sure that the bones that surround the gum layer are regenerated to their healthy condition.

Dental damage indications

Dental damage is indicated in many ways and is listed below.

  • Cracked lips
  • Gingivitis or also known as gum inflammation
  • Periimplantitis or also known as the tissue inflammation in the surrounding of the implant area
  • Generalized periodontal problems, also known as gum lesions. This condition can spread to all the teeth if not handled at the early stages
  • Alveolitis or also known as the inflammation in the region where there is a teeth extraction
  • Localized periodontitis wherein one or more teeth are affected


With the help of localized anesthesia, the dentists can make the procedure as painless as possible. The rehabilitation time duration required for the procedure to work is within the next 2 to 3 days after the procedure. The effect of the anesthesia will wear off within the next few hours and the pain scale will be within 3 to 3.5/10, after the wearing off of anesthesia.

You can consult your dentist regarding the plasmolifting procedure for any of the periodontal issues and get a clear picture of how it works.