Here are the most effective ways to brand your CBD products online

Almost all major online advertising channels restrict brands from promoting CBD products. Nevertheless, brands can advertise CBD products like oil, edibles and Bongs online. Here is how.

Display Advertising

Just because Google has barred CBD ads does not mean that display advertising is not possible. It is one of the best, effective ways for CBD branding. Outside of the Google Display Network, there is a range of platforms available to advertisers looking to access display inventory on websites that will allow CBD-related ads to run on their sites.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing allows CBD brands to bypass Cannabis and CBD advertising restrictions in place on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram by tapping directly into the organic following of relevant influencers on each platform. Collaborating with influencers enables CBD brands to reach a wider audience through organic social posts by tapping into individuals who already have a large community of followers. Choosing the right influencers is essential to ensure a strong brand fit. It is also important to keep in mind that sometimes influencers with smaller audiences can actually be better options for brands.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is classified as a type of digital ad placed on a publication where the advertisement does not disrupt the user experience. Here, ads are embedded in the content or in some cases, are the content. This strategy usually revolves around placing sponsored content on third-party websites, billed on a CPC or a CPM basis. Many native platforms have restrictions on the type of content that can be promoted. By placing sponsored content into publications like Forbes, for example, with millions of monthly active users, you can leverage the scale of their audience to grow awareness of your brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Because affiliate fees are based on performance, working with affiliates is a low-risk method of generating qualified traffic. There are already many CBD Brand online companies signed up to major affiliate networks. This is a strategy available to any CBD brands looking to get support in driving online sales for an agreed commission.

Podcast Ads

Podcast ads are not widely used as part of a digital strategy but they are being used by CBD companies to boost brand awareness considering other advertising restrictions currently in place. Podcast advertising spend is expected to double to $1.6 billion by 2022. 

CBD advertisers can expect to pay $18-50 per thousand impressions for podcast ads. These ads are measured by downloads – how many times an episode that contains an ad is downloaded.