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Driverless Car Accidents -A Quick Guide! 

There have been several high-profile driverless car accidents recently due to human error, but the idea of driverless cars is nothing new. You can always consult a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer to help you deal with a driverless car accident case if you get involved in any. What exactly are driverless cars, what can they do? Read on to find out. 

It sounds like the future. But driverless cars are pretty real. These autonomous cars might be safer than today’s models, but that doesn’t mean they’re without faults. The speed limit your car travels at will depend on where it has been programmed to go; there may be no human response time for emergencies. The nature of working with electronics makes it challenging to override computer malfunctions completely.

Functioning Driverless Cars?

The driverless car can be programmed to drive itself to a destination, so it might be best not to try and outsmart it (or anyone else on the road). It uses a series of sensors, radars, and computer-operated cameras to detect and respond to traffic and road conditions. You might be tempted to flip off or cut off any driverless car in your way when it cuts you off, but remember that a human isn’t controlling the vehicle. It’s not rude; it’s automatic. If you have been cut off by the driverless car, do not retaliate or try to force your way into traffic ahead of it. You’ll slow down the flow of traffic.

What to do when you get involved in a driverless car accident?

  1. Defend Your Rights: Ask the police to record the statement and report the offense.
  2. Call a lawyer: Ask your lawyer for advice and assistance.
  3. Compile evidence: Take pictures of everything, make a video recording, and any other evidence you can think of to obtain custody of the vehicle (Note: If your car does not have GPS or sensors, make sure you take down as much information as possible!)
  4. Calculate damages: Consider all damages like your insurance deductible and any incurred costs like battery replacements and repairs before calling an attorney.
  5. Contact the police: The police should be contacted immediately, as they may take possession of your vehicle as evidence.

If you ever get involved in a driverless car accident, it goes without saying that you would be eligible for compensation.