A Demand Letter for a Settlement- What it Must Include?

Settlement plays an important part in all personal injury cases. Everyone involved in the case gets relieved of the stress, tensions and conflicts. Drafting a good demand letter for settlement is vital because it can make or break your case. That’s why it is suggested to contact a personal injury attorney in Ontario, who can draft this letter for you so that you get what you deserve. The actual negotiation starts when the attorney of the injured party sends the demand letter to the liable insurance company.

What should the demand letter include?

Since an attorney is the one who is aware of the elements to be included in the demand letter, you must hire the best one in town. He can maximize the value of the claim by writing an impressive one. Some of these elements are:

  • The medical expenses, such as medical bills and costs associated with tests, therapies and scans.
  • Evidence proving the liability, such as photos, videos and witness statements.
  • Medical records and doctor’s notes
  • Non-economic expenses such as pain and suffering
  • Other relevant documents such as the police report, employer’s statements on income and bonus losses

Apart from these details, accident details such as date, time, and place of accident should also be included in this letter. The attorney will also include whether the victim lost the quality of life. For instance, if the injured person is unable to play golf because of his injury, the attorney will mention it in this letter.

The insurance company and settlement 

No insurance company is willing to pay a huge amount to the victim. They review each and every document to find a fault and error so that the claim can be rejected or lowered. That’s why it is strongly recommended to have your demand letter with the relevant and supporting documents so that they are unable to do so. Moreover, the attorney can handle the matter more effectively because he has the experience and tactics to interact with these insurance companies.

If you are asking for a huge amount, your demand letter should be lengthier because you will include the facts of the accidents along with other documents in detail. Moreover, these companies can easily figure out if the demand letter has been written by an inexperienced attorney. They can easily trick you with the lower amount. 

To find the most talented lawyer in town, you should search online.