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Furniture upholstery and its importance

The role of upholstery in the workplace can significantly affect the performance of the product. Whether you choose a natural fabric that provides warmth and comfort or use leather for high-traffic areas that require frequent cleaning, choosing furniture upholstery is an important part of determining workplace furniture.

Upholstery is the work of attaching a furniture frame with upholstery, padding, fabric, or leather upholstery. The material greatly differentiates the visual identity of the chair, and even though the internal elements may not be visible, they make a big difference in the comfort and ergonomics of the piece.

Importance of furniture upholstery

Clothes make a first and lasting impression on people, so it is important that they look perfect. When choosing materials to complement the pieces, experts divide them into fabric groups based on how easy they are to coat, the nature of the pile, Martindale rating, and fire resistance. All of these elements affect how the fabric looks over time – especially if you throw contours and curves into the mix or wide areas of the material.

What is the Martindal Method?

The Martindale method simulates the natural wear of a material, whereby a material sample rubs against an abrasive surface with a certain force. The higher the value, the more wear-resistant the material is. There is usually a minimum of 30,000 Martindale for office furniture.

A variety of sewing methods are used to attach the fabric to complex shapes and structures. In addition to piping (cords sewn to the fabric), experts often use regular stitches in furniture pieces. This makes the clean profile an essential part of furniture stores.

Note that experts today use a double top on the EC1 sofa. It gives the upholstery more strength and control (increases the life of the product), and it also emphasizes the compact shape of the sofa. The double top allows one to maintain the square shape of the modules while allowing them to create soft curves through the foam.

Manufacturers also use French seams on the walls of the Private High Back Sofa to reduce the possibility of it breaking. It also fulfills a decorative role – it creates an elegant and clean surface.

Form and foam

The Form sofa is proof of the importance of high-quality foam. The sharp and linear design is timeless and extremely versatile. That’s why experts chose foam with such a high density; they need to ensure that the Form maintains its shape over time without sacrificing comfort.