Your Portland Slip and Fall Lawyer Has Arrived!

Have you recently suffered a nasty slip and fall accident in the city of Portland? Unfortunately, these incidents can cause more trouble than you think. Slip and falls accident victims may suffer broken bones and torn muscles. So, you may be forced to miss work days and your income will be cut short as well.

However, we are here to tell you that it is not the moment to panic! As a victim, you are in your right to be compensated for your physical, emotional, and financial damages. Nonetheless, you must know that you have to avoid  pursuing your award on your own, especially if the accident happened on someone else’s property. If someone acted in a negligent manner and triggered a hazard that precipitated your fall, you will be entitled to receive compensation.

Having said that, you should seek the expertise of a Portland slip and fall lawyer. These injury attorneys will prove fault, defend your rights, and bring many other benefits. Keep reading this article so that you can learn about the legal standard of these accidents in Oregon, as well as the advantages of hiring a slip and fall attorney.

What Is The Legal Standard of Slip and Falls in the State of Oregon?

Slip and fall” becomes a  personal injury case when an accident victim falls in a public or private establishment under specific circumstances.

This  type of personal injury claim is categorized into  premises liability claims. This means that all establishment owners must ensure that their properties are free of any potential hazards that may cause an accident. In order to prove fault and attain monetary compensation for their damages, slip and fall victims must prove at least one of the following requirements:

  • The establishment owner triggered the dangerous condition,
  • The establishment owner was aware of the existence of the hazard but did not eliminate or repair it.
  • The dangerous condition had been present on the premises for such a length of time that the establishment owner had sufficient time to eliminate it.

What Are Oregon’s Slip and Fall Legal Mandates?

  • Oregon’s Statute of Limitations: This guideline sets the  limit allowed for all  to slip and fall victims to file their injury claims. In Oregon, any personal injury accident claim must be commenced within two years of the date of the incident. If the victim does not comply with this mandate, the injury claim may be invalidated.
  • Comparative Negligence Rule: Oregon follows a modified comparative negligence system. In other words, you can still recover damages even if you were found partially liable for the accident. However, your percentage of fault cannot exceed over 50%.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring The Best Slip and Fall Attorney in Portland? 

  • The best slip and fall accident lawyers in Portland can help you receive efficient medical treatment for your injuries. A doctor’s medical report will be a valuable piece of evidence for your claim as well.
  • A top rated slip and fall lawyer can grant you legal advice as well as access to private investigators as well. These professionals can gather the necessary evidence for your claim. For example, they can seek testimonies from witnesses present at the accident scene and obtain surveillance camera footage that can corroborate the facts.
  • Understanding personal injury law can be quite complex. Nonetheless, qualified slip and fall accident attorneys possess the needed expertise to help you move forward with your case. For this reason, they can help you file your claim and make sure it complies with our state’s law.
  • Usually, personal injury victims are not aware of the amount of compensation that they are entitled to receive. Consequently, the property owner’s insurance company might approach them with unfair monetary settlements. Rest assured that your trip and fall lawyer in Portland will negotiate with these firms to make sure that you are compensated properly.

Your Compensation Awaits!

We thank you for taking your time in reading this article. This information was brought to you by the best law firm in Oregon. We hope that you will make the right choice in calling a Portland slip and fall lawyer. There is no time to lose! Contact a legal expert right now!