Top Destinations for You in Shimoga

The Southern Indian state of Karnataka is sanctified with gorgeous, offbeat places. You can drive to various beautiful places in this state and spend a great weekend with your loved ones. One of such places in this wonderful state is Shimoga, which is popular for its picturesque beauty. The valleys, luxurious green hills, dense forests, and even that of wildlife in abundance, make Shimoga a preferred place for nature lovers.

Other than the mesmerizing sceneries, the weather of this wonderful place also plays a major role in making this hill station one of the most loved and sought-after ones. The finest time to travel to Shimoga is between October and that of March. You can decide to Stay at the resorts in Shimoga once you do your booking in time. in this way, you can be sure that your trip to this place stays adventurous yet comfortable. For now, have a quick stroll through top destinations in Shimoga.

Jog Falls

It might interest you that Jog Falls is the second highest in the entire country and one of the prime tourist attractions in Shimoga. The other names of this amazing waterfall are Jogada Gundi or even Gerusoppa falls. The charm of this fall is breathtaking as its waterfalls from a height of 253 meters and is really surrounded by lush, thick green forest. The waterfall is made up of River Sharavathi and then composes into four streams named, Raja, Rani, Roarer, and even that of Rocket. It is indeed a lovely place to be at and take up pictures too!


Kodachadri is a popular peak in the Western Ghats that is rich with the huge abundance of flora and fauna and the hypnotic beauty of verdant hills and tiny valleys create a hypnotic spell to your eyes. The serenity as well as outstanding views of the surroundings are not the limited reason for people to find it fascinating, the trekking and hiking activities clearly play a huge role too. Kodachadri is situated behind Mookambika Devi temple, that is one of the brilliant places to visit near Shimoga. It offers exotic wildlife as well as bird species like Malabar Langur, Indian Rock Python, and even that of Pied Hornbill.

Dabbe Falls

Cascading from an altitude of amazing 110 meters, Dabbe Falls is really another magnetism that you must not miss seeing in Shimoga. This is even a great place for trekking. The sound of the fall when you are trekking by the serene trails is a distinct experience altogether. The finest time for you to travel this fall is during the monsoons. You would have a worth memorable experience at this place.

Shivappa Nayaka Palace Museum

Formed up in the 16th century, this museum was constructed with that of Rosewood, on the orders of Shivappa Naik. You are surely going to find many stone carvings here that date back to the 16th century. Of course, it is a pleasure to be at this spot and experience unusual and mesmeric things and items.


In the middle of all Shimoga tourist places, Keladi is a popular temple town near Shimoga where you are going to find the Rameshwara Temple, which was constructed in the Hoysala and Dravida style and devoted to Lord Rameswara, Lord Veerabhadra, and even that of Lord Ganesh. You are also going to get to witness intricate carvings as well as revered deities inside the temple making the entire place way too attractive. Keladi is one of the most well-known choices of peace seekers. The point is in case spirituality fascinates you, Keladi is the spot you must visit. You can visit this famous Rameshwara Temple here. You can spend a good amount of time meditating at this spot.


Well, Agumbe is one of the most gorgeous places to see around Shimoga that you should not miss visiting, no matter what. The stunning hamlet is covered by verdant greenery and lofty slopes. You can even enjoy the most splendid sunset here. Though you are here, you could experience slight rain drenching you.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary

You know what, you can spot more than 48 species of birds in this amazing sanctuary, and some of them are like white-headed cranes, that of black-headed cranes, jungle fowl, Indian shag, bittern, little grebe, and white ibis. Other than spotting birds, you can even enjoy the serene environment at this wonderful and peaceful sanctuary. This is one of the most frequented fascinations in Shimoga; therefore, you may expect a little crowd here. After all, there are always visitors out there visiting this spot.


Located at a height of 3200 ft, Kundadri is another gorgeous place in Shimoga that is known for its lovely valley and forests. This is a perfect place for both picnics as well as trekking lovers. Make sure that you do not skip to visit the ancient Jain temple at this place, situated at the hilltop. The place looks really memorizing.


Situated in proximity to Shimoga, Ikkeri is a popular temple town, where you can find even tat of age-old temples. One of the most well-known temples here is the Aghoreshwara Temple. The temple is located at the hilltop and devoted to Lord Shiva. Apart from the charm and gorgeousness of the architecture of this temple, you can even relish some splendid views of the valley from this spot.

Gajanur Dam

One of the main reasons to visit this dam is the splendid view of the dam itself and the magnificent river Tunga. You will find an Elephant Camp here where these big yet that of friendly animals are trained. This is a wonderful place for anyone and everyone who loves photography and picnics. Whether with friends, loved ones or colleagues; you would have a good time at this spot.


To sum up, make sure that you book for your Stay at the resorts in Shimoga and have a wonderful time exploring this amazing place. it is going to be a fulfilling, memorable and stunning trip for you and your loved ones.