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Some Important Waterproof Flooring Options

If you’re looking into waterproof flooring options for your home, chances are you already know this – but in some rooms, waterproof flooring is a must. Why?

In all seriousness, bathrooms, entryways, basements, and even kitchens can be full of spills, moisture, or standing water. In addition, many people need a waterproof flooring for dogs or children, who can be surprisingly destructive on the floor.

Whatever the reason, choosing the right waterproof flooring is very important. But it doesn’t have to be hard! Below we compare 4 of the best waterproof floor coverings for your home. Then we’ll show you how to find nearby flooring stores in your area so you can get them installed ASAP!


There’s a reason why tiles are such a popular bathroom floor covering: they can withstand a lot of water and moisture.

Porcelain tiles, for example, require extremely low absorbency so they can be submerged in water for long periods. And while it doesn’t have the same absorbency requirements, ceramic tile is also a solid choice for moisture-prone rooms. Learn more about the differences between porcelain and ceramic in this guide to floor types.

Whatever you choose, we recommend that you look for unglazed tiles, which tend to be thicker and denser than glazed tiles. It is more slip-resistant, which is critical when it comes to bathroom flooring.

With such a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, you’re bound to find a waterproof floor covering that suits your personal preferences and style. The only problem with the tiles is the grout, which is not waterproof. Ensure proper floor maintenance – in this case, make sure the grout is in good condition. If not, water can seep through the cracked joints and cause problems under your tile.

Vinyl Record (Luxury Vinyl)

If you don’t already know, this product (which goes by many different names) is one of the best vinyl flooring options around. It consists of multiple layers, and is completely synthetic – but looks feels, and installs like a regular floor. Some style-focused brands (like Doma) offer luxury vinyl that probably looks better than regular wood or tile floors.

In particular, solid vinyl plank is one of the best waterproof floor coverings. Products with a rigid core (as opposed to a flexible one) are dimensionally stable – changes in humidity will therefore not affect them.

Additionally, when vinyl flooring or tile is installed with a click-and-lock system, its seams provide a tight, watertight seal. The vinyl top layer prevents water from seeping into the substrate and the core is also waterproof.

If your vinyl flooring is installed properly – and we recommend calling in the pros – you shouldn’t have any water issues! Like porcelain and ceramic, vinyl planks and vinyl tiles are available in many styles. The most popular visuals generally mimic wood flooring types, but there are also plenty of beautiful designs inspired by stone, concrete, metal, and fabric.

Sheet Vinyl

Part of the rise in popularity of vinyl planks has to do with their waterproof properties, but the vinyl plank is also waterproof. And because it comes in 6-foot or 12-foot rolls, there are fewer seams. This gives water less opportunity to seep into the subfloor. Perfect!

While you can easily find sheet vinyl flooring that looks like wood or stone, there has recently been a resurgence of retro-patterned vinyl planks – a great way to add a fun, funky twist to any room. 

Vinyl planks also tend to be reasonably priced (even the premium stuff), and it’s also one of the most durable floor coverings around. Bottom line: this is a great waterproof option if you’re renovating on a budget.


While laminate flooring is not generally considered waterproof, there are waterproof and waterproof types. If any water gets through the seams of the boards, the core of even the best laminate wood fiberboard will warp and your beautiful laminate floors will be ruined. Nobody wants that. 

While waterproof laminate can probably withstand a spilled cup of water or an accident with a pet, it’s no match for a flooded dishwasher. Before you decide on water-resistant or water-resistant laminate flooring, check your warranty.