Read to Know a Few Key Information About Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters are certain specialized machines that can enable heavy items, fully loaded pallets, and also stacks of material to be quickly and easily rotated or repositioned. They can help you:

  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce product damage
  • Preventing workplace injuries
  • Eliminate manual operation
  • Move and stack heavy items
  • Enable more efficient safer pallet-handling
  • Make an easier alternative to fork trucks and overhead cranes

In this post, we will try to offer an overview of these pallet inverters, their applications, and their advantages. Top Industries is one of the professional companies that can help you to customize the pallet tipper as per the needs of your warehouse.

What is a pallet inverter?

With their special pallet-gripping technology, pallet inverters can safely invert or transfer pallets with or without products on them.

These machines are simpler to use and integrate better with diverse warehousing equipment and manufacturing lines than other kinds of heavy-lifting machinery.

Their primary uses include:

  • Changing out damaged pallets
  • Accessing and removing any damaged items positioned at the bottom of any full load
  • Repositioning within warehouse fully loaded pallets
  • Moving or manipulating heavy items or stacks of product

Functions and applications

Applied to the loading, unloading, carrying, and stacking pallets of full of bagged goods such as:

  • Plastic particles
  • Cement
  • Chemical fertilizer
  • Fodder
  • Rice

Without any manual work, the goods are turned 180⁰, and pallets are taken out, safely, and efficiently with labour savings.


  • High Safety performance can be ensured for its 2-way hydraulic rotation within 360⁰ and self-locking at any angle.
  • A safety valve is equipped for avoiding damage to goods
  • Compact structure, reasonable design, broader view, durable with fine visibility.
  • The oil-free lubrication system which is applied to each joint will ensure better protection of your pins and axles and is free of maintenance.


  • Different fork widths and lengths
  • Different opening ranges and push plate dimensions
  • Different mounting classes

Advantages of pallet inverters

1.      Improved efficiency

Pallet inverters are simple to include in current material handling operations because of their adaptable designs and functionality. These devices can efficiently carry out time-consuming lifting, moving, and orientation tasks for large items.

These tools help businesses save time and utilise their workforce more effectively. They also make it easier to recover damaged goods by making it possible to easily retrieve items that are at the bottom of pallets.

Without having to manually unload and reload the entire load, damaged objects can be taken out and replaced.

2.      Reduced expenses

Large, heavy loads should never be rotated or repositioned by hand because doing so increases the danger of product damage and worker injury.

By automating these processes, inverters minimise production halts and save businesses money on labour costs and damaged goods.

3.      Enhanced safety

Pallet inverters assist decrease employee injuries by reducing the need to manually lift or rotate big loads, making the workplace considerably safer and healthier.

4.      Avoid improper use of equipment

Using a forklift or overhead crane for slinging and turning over a big or awkward object creates dangerous side-loading of hoists, imbalanced loading, and other risks. This is considered equipment misuse.

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