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Outpatient Treatment and PHP at Skyward Treatment Center in Dallas, TX.

Various levels of care are offered by addiction treatment centers in order to meet the requirements of those undergoing recovery. This enables you to select a program based on the level of your addiction, your schedule, budget, preferences, etc. In cases where you require intensive care but are unable to attend residential treatment, a partial hospitalization program for addiction therapy might be the ideal option.

Outpatient programming is offered for those who would want to stay at home throughout their therapy rather than live on campus. This gives someone the freedom to carry out their responsibilities as a parent and to be active at work. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the most intense form of outpatient therapy/programming. It is also known as day treatment and it provides a thorough therapeutic approach to help people recover from drug use disorders. With intensity close to inpatient therapy, this type of outpatient treatment comprises around 25–35 hours of weekly program participation.

This piece by experts from our Dallas drug rehab entails more information regarding PHP including what it entails, what you can anticipate, its benefits, cost, duration, and PHP options in Dallas, TX. Let’s learn more.

So, What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

As aforementioned, PHP is the most extensive out of all the outpatient treatments. This program entails daily engagement in a range of evidence-based therapies, group sessions, classes, and supplementary activities like art therapy, yoga, meditation, jiu-jitsu, etc. Detox services can also be offered by a PHP via a nearby detox facility or an affiliated residential treatment facility. As aforementioned, PHP programs are also commonly referred to as day programs. This is because almost all days of the week are packed with therapeutic activities.

So, what can you expect from a PHP program at our Dallas drug rehab? Read on to find out.

What To Expect from a PHP Program at Our Dallas Drug Rehab.

  1. Enrollment and Evaluation

When you enlist in a partial hospitalization program at our Dallas drug rehab, you’ll first complete the necessary intake documentation, and then you will undertake a thorough evaluation that will look into your mental and physical well-being, treatment, and detox history, history of substance misuse, and more. Since each person has a unique background, set of experiences, and set of requirements, the evaluation’s data will be utilized to inform the development of your personalized treatment plan.

  1. Treatment

PHPs are very comprehensive and entail up to 30 hours of weekly treatment modalities. Some of the therapies that you can anticipate include:

Medication management.

Dual-diagnosis treatment.

Individual therapy.

Group therapy.

Family therapy.

Behavioral therapies like CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, etc.


Life skills training, etc.

While the length of therapy may differ, you should anticipate spending several weeks to several months in a PHP.

  1. Follow-up & Continued Support

The treatment team will develop a personalized aftercare plan for you as your PHP draws to a close. A less rigorous program, such as an IOP or outpatient program, may be the next stage in this approach. Alternatively, your plan might entail moving into a sober living facility, signing up for a support group, undertaking frequent examinations and meet-ups with our substance abuse counselors, or continuing your education.

You can always call our Dallas drug rehab for more information on what to expect in regards to PHPs.

What Are the Benefits of PHPs?

  • They are a great choice after leaving inpatient treatment. To maintain your sobriety after completing residential treatment, it is necessary to transition to a less intensive level of care. PHP is one of the lesser intensive options. A PHP can assist you in progressively moving toward a lower degree of care since it is the most rigorous outpatient program. Continuous care is necessary to prevent relapses. It also enables you to overcome obstacles in treatment and acquire positive life skills.
  • They are less expensive than inpatient care. Because inpatient addiction treatment includes housing and boarding as well as round-the-clock supervision, it is the most expensive option. PHP treatment will be far less expensive, but you will still get very intensive therapy for your addiction. A PHP can be a good option if you have a severe addiction but cannot afford residential treatment.
  • PHPs let you put your newly acquired skills into use in your everyday life. Typically, you are in a drug- and alcohol-free environment free from regular pressures at work and home when receiving residential treatment. You could go back home to a setting that encouraged your addiction when your therapy is over and easily get influenced to get back to drugs. With the help of a PHP, you access a structured setting throughout the day to increase your resistance to relapsing every evening when you get home.
  • PHPs offer all residential treatment components on a more flexible schedule. In the event that your addiction is severe, you could worry that regular outpatient therapy won’t be sufficient to assist you in maintaining sobriety. To make matters worse, you might find that you need the flexibility that PHP offers for example seeing your kids every evening. Worry no more! All of the essential elements of an inpatient treatment are included in a partial hospitalization program.

What Is the Duration of a Partial Hospitalization Program at a Dallas Drug Rehab?

It varies. Partial hospitalization programs don’t have set lengths and are customized to each patient’s requirements. They range from a few weeks to months.

What is The Cost of PHPs in Dallas Drug Rehabs?

The cost too varies depending on the duration of the program, the included therapies and services, etc. But you can expect them to be cheaper than inpatient programs. Besides, the majority of insurance plans include at least some partial hospitalization coverage as addiction treatment is seen as a necessary medical benefit. Our Dallas drug rehab actually accepts insurance. You can always call to confirm whether we accept insurance from your provider.

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