OEE Definition, Usages, Benefits, Measurements etc.

OEE is also known as Overall Equipment Effectiveness. And, OEE is a very popular tool. It is very popular in the manufacturing operation or machine operation metric. One of the reasons for the popularity of this tool in the manufacturing units and companies and industries is because it gives out a perfect and actionable data to the manufacturing unit for the sake of productive improvement. Apart from that, in order to measure the effectiveness of the manufacturing process, one of the best tools that is used is the OEE metrics.  In addition, with the help of three Product Factors i.e. performance, quality and availability the OEE is calculated. OEE is helpful to the manufacturers in many ways like to identify the planned production time the OEE tool assists and is completely a fruitful one. Also, there are few things which the manufacturer should know i.e. if the score is 100% in availability, performance and quality, then its time to know that the production is completely perfect.

Usages of OEE Tool –

Several ways are there in which the OEE can be used. OEE can be used by the manufacturer to trace the progress and performance in eliminating losses and waste from the machine or piece of equipment. OEE improves the manufacturing process. How we will just see that. One of the ways OEE is beneficial to the manufacturer is that through the OEE the manufacturer will come to know which place to improve the process of manufacturing. If you see the big picture, you will know about OEE that it indicates how well the process of manufacturing is, that is almost right, but at the same time, you should know the true weightage of OEE that you will know when you use the OEE tools metrics to enhance the manufacturing process. Also, there are few plus and minus that is important for you to know and that is that, prior to taking steps to make all right the production process, you should know about its effectiveness and ineffectiveness.

Measuring Effectiveness & Ineffectiveness –

Effectiveness and ineffectiveness in OEE tools metrics can be calculated through simple numbers at the same time, which is uncovering the real efficiency of the process of production. If in the performance of machinery there are certain restrictions or limitations, then you should know that it will create a blockage in the product factor of OEE which is performance and quality and lateness in availability. But, thanks to OEE that with its metrics you can now identify the blocks in the manufacturing process and encourage the staff of manufacturing unit to make regular improvements in the projects or machines/equipment’s. Also, with the help of OEE there are some major loses that can be easily managed through the OEE tool. You can manage in total 6 different types of losses. Apart from that, the pivotal goal of the OEE is to find out and reduce the loss of TPM also known as total production management. And, it is known for the loss of productivity which is machine based in manufacturing.

Different Types of Losses & Its Management by OEE-

The 6 different types of losses that the OEE tools helps to manage efficaciously are as follows – breakdowns and failures in availability, setup and adjustments in availability, small stops in performance, reduced speed in performance, start-up rejects in quality, and production rejects in quality. One of the reasons why so many companies and business organizations are switching to the OEE tool is that, it helps in reducing the cost of downtime, rejects, and defects which is a short definition or OEE Definition . You can also get your ROI on Equipment using OEE tool. Every machine has some or the other kind of investment behind its working and functioning. So, that you can get maximum level of ROI i.e. return on investment in short period and also get assurance that the machine is used to its full capacity and you get maximum returns through reasonable cost and premium quality, OEE tool helps.

OEE Gives Idea to Manufacturer –

Apart from that, other benefits of OEE are that you can measure the efficaciousness against the days and hours, so that the reporting is correct. Also, OEE gives manufacturer the idea on how to use the existing machine or whether any additional machine is required or parts or as the case may be. You can also visualize the work performance through OEE tools. It is only through the OEE tools you will get to know the real causes behind the production failure, defects or losses or issues or as the case may be. So, the OEE tool helps you to know the important data about productive failure/loss and you can visualize these issues or troubleshooting. Apart from that, from the basic level to the management level or senior level all can see how OEE tool operates and which places needs improvements.