Nothing Can Be More Lucrative Than Blackstone 36” Griddle By BBQs 2u

Blackstone is entering Europe with its 28-inch and 36-inch Griddles that come with an air fryer taking the outdoor kitchen experience to a better level. They are launching their latest Griddle models on the online store of BBQs 2u which is an independent company run by a family and also an approved dealer of Blackstone in Europe. This is why BBQs 2u will be the first to receive the Blackstone stocks.

BBQs 2u is passionate about grilling and barbecuing which is why they have been in business for decades. They have been selling reputed barbecue brands like Kamado Joe, Napoleon BBQ, Masterbuilt Series, and Ooni Pizza Ovens. Their zeal for grilling makes them share their extensive barbecue knowledge with their customers. 

This explains why Blackstone has chosen BBQs 2u for launching their latest Griddle models in Europe. A huge surging demand is anticipated even before the stocks arrive at BBQs 2u online store. Users can avoid the last-minute rush and can pre-order Blackstone 36-inch Griddle with an Air Fryer by visiting this link The stocks are expected to arrive by Jan 2023 or even earlier. 

With Blackstone launching both 28-inch and 36-inch together on BBQs 2u online store, it is obvious that users might get confused about which one would be a better choice as they are all quite similar. 

Naturally, Blackstone doesn’t bother changing how they create griddles between each new model they release because they have a means of creating them that just works but then what makes one model different from another?

One of the main differences between Blackstone 28” and 36” griddles is the number of burners that each model has. The cooking surface has an impact on this but understanding the model’s burner count is crucial. 

The cooking surface on their 28-inch models has two burners which might seem adequate for cooking needs. However, the 36-inch versions have four burners which might be preferred by users as it is better suited to various cooking techniques. 

This makes the latter more convenient for cooking including large families and groups and the need to set burners at various temperatures to keep some food warm while cooking others. 

However, if the cooking is for small parties mostly, then a 28-inch is sufficient. Users can make their preferred choice keeping in mind what they need in terms of size and heat efficiency from their Griddle.

The 36-inch Blackstone Griddle with air fryer has a 756 square inch cooking top surface with several cooking areas that offer enough space to prepare dishes for large gatherings. A total of 60,000 BTUs is distributed among four separately controlled main cooking zones, plus an additional 13,000 BTUs on the burner for the air fryer. 

One warming drawer and two active frying drawers of 4 quarters each with a paper towel holder, trash bag holder, two side shelves, and a pass-through side shelf, all make it a lucrative purchase over any other Blackstone Griddle model.

To top it all, the reliability of BBQs 2u presenting Blackstone Griddles offers peace of mind to users as they know they are in safe hands till it is BBQs 2u.