Key Features of Auto Blow 2.0 For Men

Convenient Control

Since we are talking about the different speeds of the Autoblow 2.0 for men, it is important that you know where to control it and you will be surprised by how convenient it is.

The control buttons are found on the bottom of the Autoblow 2.0 for men toy. This makes it perfect for reaching the dial so you can turn the speed up or down to whatever you please.

Because the dial is strategically placed at the bottom of the sex toy, you do not have to worry about bumping it accidentally when you are using it. A lot of sex toy developers have made these mistakes and there are a few toys that have the dials or buttons on places where they are easily bumped.

Although we want the surprise element of the sex toy, the accidental bumps on the dials changing the speed can sometimes be more irritating rather than satisfying.

The Sleeves

The Autoblow 2.0 for menincludes a sleeve with its smallest dimensions. The size A is perfect for penises with at least 3-inch or 4-inch girths and it fits all length.The size B is for the more average guys with up to 5.5 inches of girth, while the size C can handle the bigger guys with up to 6.5 inches of girth at all lengths.

Each of the sizes for the sleeves on this sex toy has three different types mouth, vagina, and ass. This gives more versatility for whatever you want to penetrate. They also upgraded these varieties of sleeves by releasing two different types with the original and the real doll series. This is for aesthetics as they feel the same either way.

The first type is the original which is just the uncolored or flesh-colored sleeves which is what we usually find in most sex toys or the Fleshlight. The other is the “Real Doll” which is a better version in terms of looks. It has all the colors needed to come as close to the real mouth, pussy, or ass as much as possible. The company does not specify the materials used in the sleeves although they claim that the sleeves as phthalates and latex-free. They are not regulated by any governmental organization regarding the materials used so if you want to be extra careful, you can go ahead and use a condom every time you use the sex toy.