How to Avoid Customs Clearance Delays?

There is nothing worse than waiting for your shipment to get cleared from the customs clearance. This is unfortunate both for the buyers as well as for the sellers. It is very frustrating if your shipments get stuck for silly mistakes during the filing process. You can avoid all of these delays by just sticking to the compliance methods. Clearing the goods will be a cakewalk if the requirements of the authorities are perfectly met. 

Here are some tips which will help you avoid all forms of customs clearance delays.

Take care of all the necessary paperwork beforehand

It sounds very obvious but this is primarily one of the things that gets ignored the most. Do not forget to prepare all the necessary documentation beforehand even before the package leaves the station. You need to understand that not all the paperwork is same for all the countries and you need to adapt to the specific requirements. Keep in mind the country-specific regulations. It is always advised to recheck twice with the customs office about the laws before filing for the shipment.

Provide accurate goods description in the commercial invoice

If you are providing any inaccurate or incomplete goods descriptions, your shipment can be held back. This is a very critical issue and it must be addressed well. Not many businesses have the accurate knowledge of writing the appropriate goods description. The customs brokers cannot classify the goods correctly and the shipments end up being held back or get delayed.

Declare the correct value of the goods

For having the customs clear your goods swiftly, you also need to make sure that the declared values of the goods are right. Customs use this information to determine the duties and taxes on the goods and help to clear it. The declared value of the goods clearly corresponds to the value of the goods that are getting imported. The receiver of the imported goods normally pays this. Unless the proof of what the buyer has paid is declared, the correct transactional estimate cannot be achieved.

State the reasons for your shipment

Your commercial invoice must also have the reason for your shipment. You need to select the option that best reflects your shipment to avoid any delays.

In this way, Customs clearance in Canada won’t take long if you are abiding by all the rules, regulations and official requirements.