Finding the Places to visit in Dubai for free

Many people look for things that they can do in Dubai for free. As one imagine Dubai only skyscrapers with luxurious hotel comes into mind and with this, we always think of the big expenditure. Spending in Dubai is indeed easy, but if you plan to save you can easily save some money too by being mindful of where you spend your money. The reputation of this cosmopolitan is hard to relate with any of the free things. However, we have compiled a list of a few things that can be done for free and can give you an incredible experience without any money spent. Find more about Family Places to visit in Dubai for free to save money.

1. Experience Dubai’s Culture and Heritage

You will get exhibits of potters, weavers and other craftsmen you can shop from. All the rich culture can be found at Al Shindagha area near Dubai Creek that is one of the best free things to do in the city. You can explore many things and see what interests you. There are market timing that you have to keep in your mind when planning to go to see wonderful things.

2. Camel Museum

Enjoy free entry at the camel museum in the same area. Different sections of the museum are dedicated to a different history of camels and the relationship between the camels and the UAE people. Camel racing has always been an important part of the culture and that too is depicted on the walls. Find Trusted Dubai Tour Operators in case you are planning to visit Dubai.

3. Free Yoga Class

For fitness freaks, there are a lot of options and you can enjoy free yoga classes from the Friend of Yoga by seeing where their next session is. This is spread over 5 locations in the city and the 1-hour classes will keep you fresh and in your routine. There is nothing better than getting healthy for free and you can enjoy this fitness routine for free while on a trip to Dubai.

4. Movie Under Stars

Who doesn’t like to go out to watch a movie under the starry sky? If you do your research much time you get to watch free movies under the stars which is one of the greatest experiences you will experience.