Exploring the Top Cities of Western Texas

Nothing touches Texas. Sure, there’s plenty to love about the other states throughout the union but by nearly every metric, Texas is where you want to be. Given its size, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by trying to get the most out of getting to know the state. For travelers and new residents alike, it might be easier to not think of the state as a whole but to break it up into sections. 

When doing that, there’s no better place to start than the western part of the state. For lovers of charm and plenty to do outside, the entire region will be like heaven for you. Both the cities and rural areas alike pack both in spades but today let’s focus on the best cities of Western Texas. 

El Paso

Here is a great place to start because those not from the region (or even the state) likely still have an idea of what sunny El Paso is like. Whether you are there to look at El Paso Houses for Sale or are simply visiting for a couple of days, every local is going to recommend staying at the Stanton House. The relatively new hotel is right in the heart of downtown so it’ll be conveniently located to wherever else you plan to go while in El Paso.

In terms of how to take in the area, it’s hard not to recommend Franklin Mountains State Park. The hikes you’ll find can be a little on the harder side, depending on how often you are hitting the trails, but for those who make it to the highest viewpoint will be rewarded with unforgettable views of Texas itself, Mexico, and New Mexico. 


Seeing the name Marfa is going to elicit one of two reactions in everyone. Either it will be somewhere they’ve completely never heard of or it’s going to be at the top of their list when they are planning a trip to Western Texas. For decades, there wasn’t much national acclaim to Marfa but in the 1970s an Artist from New York, Donald Judd, moved into town things haven’t been the same since. 

As he started to display his art around town, while also giving a platform to numerous other artists, Marfa became an absolute cultural hub and still remains that way today. For those looking to move to the region, but are still looking for that East Coast flair they’ve known for decades, it’s going to be hard to beat choosing here. 

Fort Davis

If the Texas heat is proving to be too much for you, Fort Davis will be that perfect escape. Thanks to its elevation, it’s where you are going to be able to beat the heat. If that’s not doing it for you, a stop at Herbert’s Caboose Ice Cream Shop for some ice cream is sure to help out as well. Another way to stay out of the sun is just to wake up later, and if you are doing that make a stop at the McDonald Observatory. 

There’s daily tours so you could be able to get into the observatory at your own convenience. If you are someone who has never seen the night sky without light pollution, don’t pass on this.