Dos and Don’ts From Dental Implant Specialists In Tennessee After the Implant Procedure

The number of people choosing dental implants for their decayed or missing teeth has increased everywhere nowadays due to their various benefits. Dental implants are made to function and appear the same as your natural teeth. Another important benefit of dental implants is that they give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite food. 

People with damaged or missing teeth may face a hard time when chewing food. For procedures like dental implants, you must choose a well-trained dental implant specialist. If you get an appointment from some random dentist for this procedure, there is no guarantee that they will perform it correctly. For the best West Knoxville, TN dental implants, do proper research before choosing a dental implant specialist for dental implants. 

Below are some other important things that you must take into consideration when choosing a dental implant specialist. 

  • Ensure that you check the qualifications of a dental implant specialist before you make an appointment for dental implants. 
  • Choose the specialists who will be more friendly with their patients. Approaching such a specialist can ease your anxiety. 
  • The specialist you choose must use high-quality dental implants for your procedure. 

Below are some dos and don’ts after getting dental implants.


  • You must avoid brushing your teeth for about 24 hours. Rinse your mouth properly after eating daily using water. You can even use a mouthwash if you wish for this. This ensures that your mouth stays clean, without any stuck food particles.
  • Sugar is mainly responsible for the buildup of plaque in your mouth. Hence, it is important to avoid having sugary food items after the procedure. 
  • Brushing your teeth two times a day helps you keep your teeth clean after this procedure. 
  • After the procedure, you could prefer to eat soft foods for about 24hrs to 48hrs. You can even have soup after the procedure, but it must not be hot. Don’t eat hard food after the procedure, as they may disturb your implants. 


  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are two things one must stay away from after getting dental implants. Smoking and alcohol can lead to implant failure. If you cannot avoid smoking and drinking completely, stay away from them for at least a month after the procedure. 
  • Don’t try to open any bottle or package using your teeth. 
  • Don’t try to lift heavy weights immediately after the procedure.

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