5 great reasons to still buy in Spain

Spain has long been favoured for buying second homes and for people emigrating from the UK. This exodus continues today, but at higher rates than before. 


The end of the pandemic has created massive demand. Now the floodgates are open with the chance to escape to a holiday home or as a kickstart for plans to move to Spain permanently. So why is Spain so popular, and why do people choose Spain over any other country?


1 – Location

With flights from all the main airports in the UK, Spain is easily accessible and is still well-catered for by the airlines. If you prefer car travel, access from Ferries and via France using the Channel Tunnel guarantees you multiple options regarding how you visit your property.


Being such a large country, there are many choices for the area in which to purchase. If you are a city type, the larger cities such as Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona are desirable picks. However, most people head towards the coasts; others choose to head inland from the sea to have a quieter location, away from tourists.  


With the amount of choice of cities and towns, it can be daunting to choose which area to live. 


There are some standout areas regarding facilities, infrastructure and enjoyment. One area, Javea in the province of Alicante, is a stunning town and has been called “the perfect holiday destination”. It has crystal clear waters, superb beaches and a huge variety of exceptional Spanish properties to buy.


2 – Lifestyle

Homeowners can find the best of both worlds in Spain. You can choose to enjoy doing nothing or be actively involved in something you like to do. Should golden beaches be your idea of relaxation? In that case, Spain has 5000 kilometres of magnificent coastline, not to mention excellent gastronomy and sangria.


Because of the range of activities available in Spain, there is something for everyone. Buying a property in Spain allows you to choose your perfect Spanish lifestyle.


With such a vast coastline, watersports are hugely popular. With an interior full of mountains, hiking or walking may be just what you are looking for. Most towns have weekly markets for browsing local produce and artisan crafts.


Spanish cities and towns have thriving ex-pat communities, so you will not feel isolated from your compatriots. Taking the opportunity to embrace the Spanish language and culture will enhance your new Spanish lifestyle.


 3 – Climate

We all know the British weather; when it is good, it is excellent, but generally for a very limited time. The Spanish climate is one of the main reasons people buy holiday homes or choose to live there permanently.  


The guarantee that you will mostly have blue skies and the sun shining cannot be underestimated. To help you understand how good the climate in Spain is, here is a little summary of the weather over a year.


Spring: Many believe this is the best time to visit Spain. The sun is usually always shining, and each day delivers extra hours of sunshine for strolls or evenings on the terraces.


Summer: The hottest and driest months are June, July, August, and September. Daytime temperatures typically exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and temperatures in the heartland and south may exceed 20 degrees at night. The climate in the north is gentler, with cooler temperatures and some rain.


Autumn: The temperature begins to fall, and it is colder in the morning and late afternoon. Residents and holidaymakers may require warmer clothing, a light scarf, and coats. There are still many sunny days this time of year, especially if you are on the coast.


Winter: These are obviously the coldest months of the year. Even though Spain is not a rainy land, an umbrella could be helpful. Rainfall is typical in the north during these months. There may be numerous rainy days across the rest of the country, generating snowfall on the higher mountains.


4 – Culture

The British have an inbuilt affinity with Spanish culture, mainly because it differs from theirs. With the chance of regular open-air eating, a fantastic healthy diet, restaurants and bars open till the early hours, tapas, flamenco, fabulous fiestas and the laid-back Spanish attitude of Mañana, it is the complete opposite of the hectic, work-based British lifestyles.


Spain has a vibrant music and art history, and who couldn’t fall in love with a country where the Tooth Fairy is a mouse?


5 – Great Investment Financially and for Your Wellbeing

People frequently purchase property as an investment, and residences in Spain are no exception. Of course, there is no assurance that your house will appreciate in value, but if it does, you will have made a wise financial investment.

Spain is a terrific option if you’re considering buying a rental property. The holiday house sector is well established in Spain, which attracts over 18 million British holidaymakers each year.  

Consider your budget, achievable income goals, and location while looking for the right rental property for you. Whether you rent full-time or only a few times a year, the right property in the right area can provide an excellent yield for years to come.

With Spanish property prices expected to grow at 4.4% in 2022, your investment will give a steady return whilst still being a usable asset for holidays or rental income.

If you want to live in Spain full-time or travel only for holidays, you can get there in just a few hours. Money cannot buy happiness, but a Spanish property may improve your lifestyle. The memories you make in your Spanish house with your friends and family will last a lifetime.


It is easy to understand why so many people purchase properties because of the many great reasons to still buy in Spain. The process is simple and safe and will allow you to start a new journey in your life. Do it, buy in Spain, you’ll not regret it.