Tips that Help You to Enjoy Whale Watching in Tenerife

It is a fact that there are unlimited exciting things to do in Tenerife. All year around tourists flock to this coastal town to immerse in the enjoyment of water sports and other adventurous tourist attractions the island offers in abundance. The whale watching tour is one of the spectacular amazing scenarios one can behold in their memory.

It isn’t hard to do whale watching in Tenerife if you contact reputed tour arrangers like Club Canary. You can contact them through their website and gain guidelines about the right ways to adapt to enjoy the excitement of all the wonders the island has to offer. One of the most breath-taking sights to behold is watching live marine wildlife with naked eyes.  Club Canary can arrange for you to experience the most unforgettable pleasures of your life.

Tips to enhance the enjoyment of watching the marine mammals in their natural habitat:

  • It is advantageous to book whale watching tour in advance just like booking hotel rooms and flight tickets. This is because it will be a lot of hassle as whale watching is one of the popular sports for all tourists, thus no one likes to miss it. You can do it online or ask your travel agent to complete the bookings. Online booking will be beneficial as you can compare the schedule and pick one suitable for your timings. You can even compare the rates and the facilities provided along with the whale watching trip.
  • You can avail other exciting offers like listening to the sound of the mammals, you can snorkel in the canary water and even enjoy your meals on the boat while watching these huge mammals swim.
  • The other important thing to do is check out the best times to watch the water mammals. According to seasonal travellers, the winter and spring seasons are the best time to watch the whales and dolphins in innumerable numbers. However, you can watch many of them the whole year, so no worries.
  • Many like to capture in their camera lens the wonderful swimming and playing of the mammals in the seawater. It isn’t an easy task as the lovely creatures are always on the fast move. The best workable trick is to concentrate only on the whales or dolphins you want to focus and nothing else. The camera helps to capture all the movements of the mammals perfectly.
  • In the backpack, you can keep binoculars to spot the creatures swimming in the water. A waterproof coat is beneficial if the temperature becomes low suddenly while at sea. You will be needing sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and a cap to be safe from the UV rays of the sun. People who prefer to snorkel should have their swimsuits and a couple of towels in their backpack. You can keep snacks for your kids and medicines to wade off sea motion sickness.

Armed with the tips you can enjoy watching the sea mammals in Tenerife without any worries.