Shoes: A form of self-expression

After all the important and loved self-expressing things like fabrics, make-up, hair, etc., shoes have also made their way into people’s personal space. Earlier, people did not care about their shoes, as they would put on anything and head out. However, in today’s time, it is much-paid attention to. Therefore, people use different styles of shoes to express their personalities, moods, style, and fashion.

1. How can shoes be used as a medium of self-expression?

Simply by choosing the pair of shoes you want to wear today, you express yourself. It is as easy as giving it a thought and executing it. Wearing bold colors shows that you are in the mood to make a statement and are up for trying new styles. Or just wear an Adidas Yeezy 350 v2 sesame to showcase your comfort and peace.

2. Is wearing neutrals also an important statement?

With time and various updates in the fashion trends and the fashion industry, we have seen that neutrals are the new statement. It expresses people’s style in a loud manner. It isn’t ‘thoughtless’ anymore; instead, it’s very thoughtful of people to pair their neutral-colored shoes with their outfits or accessories. Even though they are subtle, they have a way of portraying people’s clear choices. So, if you want to try out our suggestions for the best neutral pair of shoes, then here you go:

  • Puma x AMI Suede Mayu Deconstruct Pristine shoes
  • Converse Vintage Canvas Chuck 70 Hi shoes
  • Nike x Off-White™ Air Jordan 4 Sail
  • Adidas Yeezy 350 v2 sesame

3. Is it okay to wear shoes based on the events?

As most of us know, we are bound to follow a specific category of shoes when we have an event to attend. Women tend towards heels as it makes a classy yet powerful statement. On the other hand, men gravitate towards loafers or leather shoes since that shows their chic and sophistication.

Most of the time, we have found celebrities not being comfortable with their picks of the shoes since it showcases their vision and their assumption of your style. However, follow your heart regardless of the event, whether you are styling yourself or are getting styled by a professional stylist. Wear something that is ‘you’ to own it with happiness and pride.

Concluding thoughts

It is easy to pick a pair of shoes, put them on, and call it a day, but it takes creativity and passion for thinking about your choices. Therefore, be mindful of what you wear. We support you with every option and move, so make sure you rock what you wear. It is a beautiful form of self-expression to use shoes as one’s portrayal of personality.