FinecoBank UK

FinecoBank UK: services and features 2022

FinecoBank is one of the most famous financial services in Europe, now available also in the UK.

A popular choice in all inland Europe and in the British territories as well, today Fineco’s customers are able to invest on more than 20,000 financial instruments thanks to their trading platform called PowerDesk.

But it is worth it to open a trading account with Fineco Bank UK for the average British citizen? Let’s find out.

FinecoBank Regulation

FinecoBank S.p.A. history can be traced back to 1999, the year of their foundation in Milan, Italy. They started as a financial service specialised in online retail trading services, which made them a real pioneer of that sector. As a result of their success, they entered as a constituent FTSE MIB member in 2014.

They are also considered as a top tier regulated financial service, with licences possessed in:

  • EU: they are regulated by the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB), which is responsible for regulating the Italian Stock Exchange and the Italian securities market.
  • UK: they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the non-government financial authority responsible for regulating the British Stock Exchange and the British securities market.

On the other hand, if someone thinks that joining a non-regulated broker is a good idea, remember that joining a trading platform without a licence will probably lead to a scam.

FinecoBank Services

To choose to open a FinecoBank account means to have access to a variety of top tier financial services. Among those, we must subdue the importance of the PowerDesk.

PowerDesk is a professional, multi-awarded desktop trading platform used by traders all over the continent. As of today, it is believed to be the most used trading platform today in the region.

Thanks to you you’ll be able to:

  • Invest in +26 financial markets
  • Stocks and shares
  • Indices
  • Bonds
  • Forex

For the most expert traders, it will also give you a chance to try margin trading and using a leverage on +1,000 securities.

As for their banking services, it is interesting to notice that one of their main PROs is their capability of holding liquidity in more than 20 different currencies. This is a perk which may turn out to be extremely useful for all those investors which have the need to travel around and must use different currencies during their trips and won’t spend money for converting it.

For the youngest instead, FIneco gives the chance of opening an ISA account, a perfect choice for all the people who want to enhance their gains through trading and with the support of a fund manager. Among the best perks which comes with an ISA account we must also remember:

  • 0 monthly fee: no monthly fee needed and zero mandatory deposit to start
  • 0 fees on CFD Shares: no fees on CFD (Contracts for Differences) shares
  • Competitive fees on UK & USA Shares: fixed commissions on both shares
  • Real time market updates: every essential news and feeds in one spot and gratis for all Fineco’s customers

In conclusion

Choosing a trading bank over a “simple” online broker will turn out to be one of the best investments, with plenty of pros and very few cons.

Having the support of real experts, a one-in-all trading and banking solution and a 24/7 assistance in case of need, it’s something you should care about before starting your trading journey. On the other hand, one of the cons to consider are the few educational tools available on the platform, which may discourage some to start without a proper study.

In conclusion, if you are a British citizen and you think that now it is the time to start your trading journey, you should put FinecoBank among your first choices.