Explore These Nature Destinations in Labuan Bajo


Labuan Bajo is recognized by the Indonesian people, particularly with the many available excursions offered to explore every corner of the island and its beaches. One that is known in Labuan Bajo besides Komodo Island is Pink Beach or pink sand beach. However, Labuan Bajo and its surroundings aren’t the sole charms offered by West Manggarai Regency, Flores, NTT. There are natural attractions and historic tours given in Flores. The following are some unique and interesting natural attractions in Labuan Bajo:

  1. Lake Kelimutu

There’s Lake Kelimutu, whose attractiveness has been recognized by the world. To have the ability to delight in the great things about the lake, you will need to climb to the very top of Mount Kelimutu very first. It may be somewhat tiring, but all your fatigue will cover off when you get to the very top. This mountain has three large lakes with colours that can amaze you. This volcanic lake includes blue water, which glows when exposed to the sun.

  1. Angel Island

The name of the island appears appropriate to explain its beauty. This island has a very peaceful and calming atmosphere. The naturalness of those trees which grow will make you always feel relaxed. Furthermore, due to the clarity of the seas around Bidadari Island, this island is frequently used for snorkeling.

  1. Manta Point

Manta Point is a favorite place for sailors, many local and foreign tourists who intentionally come all of the way here to explore the underwater beauty of Labuan Bajo. In Manta Point, you may explore various types of fish swimming and there is also a diversity of exotic coral reefs. Then there is yet another that is quite popular here, as its name implies at Manta point, you can view firsthand the manta rays or which are often called giant beams. You can experience a memorable diving experience followed by heaps of manta fish.

  1. Kanawa Island

Labuan Bajo is really renowned for having beautiful islands, among which is Kanawa Island. This island has very clear waters with turquoise water shade. Even on the outside, you may see the fish swimming freely and the attractiveness of the coral reefs they have. Naturally, this place is subsequently utilized as a favorite place for snorkeling. If you don’t want to dive, you may still relax while enjoying the pure panorama that Kunawa Island has on the shore.

  1. Pede Beach

The beach, which is located between the Gorontalo mountains and Pramuka Hill, is a beach available to the general public, so the facilities are complete. You can view a lovely and clean ocean perspective. You can also watch the gorgeous sunset which Labuan Bajo has through Pede Beach.

  1. Sawah Lingko

Here it is, one of the most instagrammable places in Labuan Bajo, namely Sawah Lingko. Do not confuse the view of those rice fields here by whatever you frequently experience because Sawah Lingko is known for its unique land division, which looks like a spider web. No wonder this location is often employed as an object to satisfy the hobby of photography. The majority of the regional people, the beautiful rural atmosphere, and also the unique rice sector views here will surely make your vacation an unforgettable moment.

  1. Padar Island

The attractiveness of the sea view and the calming mountains is the most important appeal of Padar Island. This island does look unique because green hills surround it. Even though the street here is full of lots of climbs, even when you reach the peak of the hills, you can observe a gorgeous panorama of all of Padar Island.

  1. Kelor Island

Discussing the beauty of the islands in Labuan Bajo seems endless. This time there’s Kelor Island, which offers natural beauty along with a quiet island setting. This small island has a white sandy beach decorated with shady trees. Furthermore, the waves are incredibly calm, so this place is fantastic for refreshing. The scenery on this beach is quite fantastic, especially at dusk, then in addition, some rocks line the border of their coastal waters, which makes this area even more unique.

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