Does a Pre-Existing Condition Affect Your Disability Insurance Claim?

Disability insurance is designed to give you financial support when you become disabled during the life of your policy. However, issues can arise if you suffer from a pre-existing condition. Your insurance provider may use this condition to delay or deny your disability claim. if you are in this situation, contact a disability claims attorney as soon as possible. If your coverage is part of a group plan, an attorney can explain the reason why the insurer denied your claim and take aggressive steps to initiate a timely appeal. If you have bought individual disability insurance, your attorney can prepare your complaint. 

Disability Benefits for People with Pre-existing Conditions

Disability insurance offers benefits to those who cannot work for a certain period because of an injury or illness. In general, it covers 60 percent of a person’s regular salary. This money can cover important bills.  To get benefits under your policy or plan, your disability must be covered. Some policies have provisions for pre-existing conditions that look back three to twelve months before your coverage takes into effect if you get a diagnosis. With other policies, symptoms associated with other illnesses or injuries are not covered. Regardless, if your policy is in force for at least one year before you become disabled, your provider may pay benefits. 

Insurance carriers have limitations and exclusions they cause to deny claims. If you have a pre-existing condition, you may have a limited ability to get benefits under a long-term disability policy.

Limits for Pre-Existing Conditions

Before filing a disability claim, review your policy with an attorney to understand the pre-existing condition under your insurance. Your attorney will tell you that the insurer has broad interpretations of what is considered a pre-existing condition, so they can deny your claim. With such knowledge, you can be sure you have sufficient evidence to support your claim. 

Appealing a Wrongful Claim Denial

Your insurer will examine your medical history and relevant treatment to know if you have pre-existing conditions. They will use such information to delay and deny your disability claim. Accepting a denial as final means you can’t get the benefits you need. A disability lawyer will ensure you file an administrative appeal if you have group coverage. For individual coverage, the lawyer can file a lawsuit without appealing. 

Keep in mind that once you get a wrongful claim denial, the filing deadline starts. Missing this deadline will leave you with minimal recourse. You may not be able to get the benefits you are entitled to.